14 August 2020
  Research Areas departeman Nanotechnology medical

Research Areas:

 Synthesis of Nanostructured Drugs, Metal Ooxides, Noble Metals, Liposome, Polymers, etc.

  • Targeted Drug Delivery based on Nanotechnology
  •  Preparation of polymeric micro and nanoparticles containing protein- peptide and anti cancer drugs
  • Gene Delivery by using Nanoparticles
  • Toxicology of Nanomaterials
  • Nanoscale Modeling
  • Fabrication of biosensors by using Mmicroelectrodes based on "lab on a chip" system for detection and studying the functionality of tumor and cancerous cells
  • Electrospinning and applications of nanofibers in medicine
  • Medical Implants based on Nanomaterials

Synthesis and characterization of polymeric nanostructures designed for drug delivery systems.

  • Preparation and Characterization of Gold nanoparticles (AuNPs)
  • Preparation and Characterization of Silver nanoparticles (AgNPs)
  •  Preparation and Characterization of  Quantum dots (QDs     
  • Preparation and Characterization of Dendrimers
  •  Nanotechnology in regenerative medicine, stem cell technology and tissue engineering